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Do you suspect your water line has been constructed with Polybutylene Pipe in your St. Petersburg, FL home or business? Home Team Plumbing offers Water Line Inspections to all Pinellas County, FL customers. If your residential or commercial property has been constructed with Polybutylene Pipe it is crucial to replace these pipes before severe structural damage occurs.

What is Polybutylene Pipe?

Polybutylene, also known as poly, is a form of plastic resin that is used in place of traditional copper piping. Poly can be found in both underground water mains and interior plumbing. Poly is typically gray, white or black in color. Between 1978 and 1995, this piping product was installed in millions of businesses and homes through Pinellas County, FL. Due to the easy installation process and low costs, Poly was considered to be an attractive substitute to copper piping. Poly was abolished after it was discovered to quickly deteriorate due to the water-soluble oxidants found in the public water supply. This deterioration leads to leakage, water damage, and costly repairs.

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What Are the Risks of Polybutylene?

Polybutylene leaks are rather unpredictable and can show up without warning. Poly typically begins to show signs of deterioration within 10 to 15 years. Poly pipe is known to deteriorate after contact with normal oxidants found in the public water supply. This pipe deteriorates from the inside out, making it difficult to be warned of damages prior to a leak. It is crucial that a homeowner is aware of their piping system and address any issues quickly.If you are unaware of your piping system or believe that you may have poly piping call a professional licensed plumber. Home Team Plumbing can confidently determine what type of piping is your Pinellas County, FL property.

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What Causes Polybutylene to Leak?

  • Chlorine Levels
  • Water Quality
  • Age of Pipes
  • Poor Installation

Deterioration of Both Metal and Plastic Fittings
Buying or Selling a Home with PolybutyleneThe presence of Polybutylenes can significantly affect one’s property value. Poly is known to cause severe leakage and costly water damage. If polybutylene pipe is found in a home or structure an insurance company may refuse or cancel a policy. A Polybutylene Water Line will eventually need a complete replacement of the water line system, known as a Repipe. Before you purchase a Pinellas County, FL home be sure to have the water line inspected. Home Team Plumbing offers low- cost Water Line Inspections for all Pinellas County, FL Home buyers.

Should I Replace Poly Pipes Before Selling My Home?

Does your Pinellas County, FL home have a Polybutylene Water Line System? It may be best to replace poly piping before placing a property on the market in Pinellas County, FL. A property found to have poly may be at risk for a significant price reduction. If you want to sell your Pinellas County property for top dollar, all poly pipes should be replaced prior to place your property on the market. Poly is considered to be a material defect that it will leak, therefore, these properties can be purchased at a major discount.

How to Identify Polybutylene Outside a Pinellas County, FL Home
Polybutylene underground water mains are usually blue in color, but may also be gray or black. A licensed plumber can make a certain determination. Poly will be a ½” or a 1” in diameter. Poly can be found entering the home through a basement wall or floor, concrete slab or crawlspace. Typically, it enters the home near the water main. Also, check the piping at the main shutoff valve and the water meter at the end of the street.

How to Identify Polybutylene Inside a Pinellas County, FL Home
Polybutylene inside the home can be found near the water heater, running across the basement ceiling and coming out of the walls to feed the sinks and toilets. Poly can be used anywhere in a home’s plumbing system. Poly can also be found in the incoming water supply. Look for a light blue plastic pipe, known as the “Big Blue”. This pipe is prone to failure. PEX piping is also known to be blue. It should not be confused with poly piping. Contact a Licensed Plumber to replace any poly piping as soon as possible.