Top Plumbing System Maintenance Tips

Plumbing System Maintenance Tips

Plumbing system problems seem to pop up in your home, one after the other. It would be nice if they didn’t happen at all! Fortunately, you can stop bleeding cash with the right set of habits.

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Don’t Overstuff the Toilet!

Toilets can’t flush everything down the drain, especially when the bowl is filled to the brim. If you have a lot of waste already inside the toilet bowl, flush it! Anything above the waterline will require additional water that may not reach the waste in time, which can end up causing a blockage.

If it looks like it won’t go down the drain, it probably won’t! Flush every so often to make sure that you don’t end up clogging the toilet, which often ends up in a hefty plumbing repair bill.

Don’t Flush Everything

Toilets and pipes were only meant to hold water and biowaste, not trash. Some people think that they can flush other things down the toilet, too, but this causes more harm than good. Things like cardboard, cotton swabs, and cigarettes can become stuck in the pipes and prevent water from flowing freely.

When in doubt, throw it away in the wastebasket instead of flushing it down the toilet.

Clear Clogged Toilets with Soap and Hot Water

If you don’t have a plunger handy to clear up a clogged toilet, then get your hands on some soap! Liquid detergent and hot water can loosen up the clog just enough to get it moving once again. Apply as much liquid detergent as you want—you can’t add too much of it!

Get the water as hot as you can straight from the tap, but consider using the stove to heat the water if your sink doesn’t do the job.

Install Mesh Drain Covers

Mesh drain covers are your first line of defense when it comes to preventing plumbing problems. Install a removable or permanent mesh cover to catch small bits of food, hair, or jewelry that may happen to find their way into your sink. Foreign debris can wreak havoc on your drain but are harmless when emptied from your mesh cover.

Professional drain cleaning can cost you a pretty penny, so use mesh drain covers as a cheap option to stop drain clogs before they happen!

Easy Plumbing System Maintenance Tips

Your plumbing system can serve you well if you take good care of it. Keep it free of problems by flushing when needed, flushing only what can be flushed, clearing clogs immediately, and installing mesh drain covers. Following even just one of these plumbing system maintenance tips can save you hundreds on costly plumbing repairs.

We hope you enjoyed this plumbing system maintenance advice! Home Team Plumbing knows that plumbing disasters can strike at any moment, even after you’ve put all of the preventative measures in place. If you have plumbing problems in the St. Petersburg and Pinellas Park areas of Florida, then contact us for a free quote!

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