Why You Should Always Use Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Common Signs you need professional drain cleaning services

Getting your drains cleaned professionally is imperative. Having clean sewer drains will ensure that your septic system runs smoothly. Having it done professionally will help you never to have to worry about system backups or breakdowns.

When you have drain issues, you will want to get them addressed as soon as possible. Not fixing these issues can lead to wastewater coming into your home. If this wastewater gets into your home, you could be looking at health hazards along with a very expensive mess to clean up.

Signs of Drain Issues

Your drain system will give you several warning signs that your drains need to be cleaned out as soon as possible.

• Strange noises. When you use your drains, if you hear a gurgling or weird sound coming from your drain, it may be becoming clogged somewhere down the line. This clog could be caused by a wide variety of things and needs to be addressed quickly.
• Wastewater backing into the home. If you see any water coming from your drains when you use them, you need to get drain cleaning services immediately.
• Strange smells. If you smell sewage, you have a problem. Go to your drains and sniff them periodically. If you smell sewage, this is an indicator that they are getting ready to fail.
• Drains are not functioning. If any of the drains in your home are not functioning, you need to call out a plumber immediately for professional drain cleaning services.

Why No Chemical Drain Cleaners?

When you find out that you have a clog, the first thing that you might do is to reach for the chemical drain cleaner. You should never do this. Chemical drain cleaners work by heating up and eating away whatever has caused the clog. Once activated, these chemical cleaners can do damage to your pipes, which can lead to the pipes breaking down. Chemical drain cleaners can also be a risk to your family and pets and cause environmental risks.

Choosing Professional Services

When you choose to go with professional drain cleaning services, you will know that your pipes will not be harmed, and they will be cleaned effectively. At Home Team Plumbing, we use a process known as hydro-jetting to get your sewer lines clear. Hydro jetting uses high powered water to help clear the lines. This is a safe and effective method for cleaning drain lines.
In addition to cleaning your drain lines, we can also do a drain line inspection to ensure that all the clogs are removed and that you do not have any issues with roots in your pipes or pipe breakage. We will ensure that you have the best fully functioning septic system possible.

If you are dealing with any drain line issues and want to get drain cleaning services at affordable prices, please call us at Home Team Plumbing today. We can get an appointment set up quickly to ensure that you do not have any issues with your plumbing. If you experience any emergency issues, we have plumbers on staff that can come out to your home 24/7.

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